The connected car has arrived. And we’re moving the technology forward. Our big-data innovations connect and protect more consumers, automakers and dealerships, vehicle finance companies and retailers to a better driving experience, greater efficiencies, and wide-open opportunities.

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Connected Car

Today and tomorrow’s cars are more connected than ever. And consumers are demanding ever-smarter vehicles. To compete, automakers and dealerships must deliver on this demand while leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to drive down costs while increasing profits.

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Big Data

Imagine an uninterrupted, connected experience every time you get into a car. That’s our focus - transforming big data into a connected car lifestyle. Data intelligence that can reduce insurance rates, report a car’s health, protect and connect a driver throughout the ownership of the vehicle and more.

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Aftermarket Products

Procon’s robust family of automotive aftermarket products and services, include lot management, remote start, location finder, vehicle recovery services and other connected features that help organizations make smarter, faster and more profitable business decisions.

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Industry Leaders

Our trailblazing team includes inventors and authors of IoT patents, innovators of new mass market distribution channels and even a visionary whose privately owned company was the first of its kind to deliver 1 million connected devices – right behind Ford and GM.

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With analyst projecting over 300 million connected vehicles on the road by 2020, the automotive industry and the consumers they serve have access to more intelligence than ever before. At Procon Analytics, we’re innovating the technologies that capture, deliver, and decipher this wealth of data in new and better ways. Powered by our leading-edge connected-car platform, our scalable suite of automotive solutions maximize the competitive advantages of the connected car for drivers and businesses alike. We’re transforming the way people make, sell, secure and drive cars. Join us in this journey.


Innovation starts at the top. The leadership team at Procon Analytics represents the best and brightest in the industry. The steering force behind our company’s vision are our leaders who foster a culture of collaboration. Meet the leadership team poised to transform automotive IoT and big data solutions globally.

Brian Boling
Brian Boling
As a trailblazer in automotive IoT, Brian Boling is an inventor and author of multiple patents leveraging GPS technology. Under his leadership, Procon Analytics is poised to lead the next generation of IoT big data solutions and connected car technologies.
Bill Cheney
Bill Cheney
CTO & Managing Director
The technology innovator behind Procon Analytics’ progressive new big data technology and catalysts for easy-to-use applications that help customers make faster, smarter and more profitable business decisions.
Ken Vines
Ken Vines
Ken Vines has been the Chief Financial Officer of a number of public and private companies, primarily in the technology industry.
David Meyer
David Meyer
COO - President of Connected Vehicle Solutions Group
Meyer brings a methodical approach to Procon Analytics platform development and daily operations adding forward-thinking management processes and a holistic approach to customer lifecycle management.


Procon Analytics is always on the move focused on transforming the automotive industry around the globe. Stay connected with our latest innovations in big data and automotive IoT.

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