Walpole Named CDO

IoT Maverick Daniel Walpole Expands Procon Analytics Business 
Reach as Chief Data Officer
Big Data - Daniel Walpole - Joins Procon Analytics

Walpole Named CDO

Walpole seeks to drive Procon Analytics’ digital technology strategy forward with a focus on transforming data intelligence into broader connected customer solutions.

Irvine, CA – August 30, 2017 — Procon Analytics, a leading innovator of telematics that captures and translates raw data into actionable business intelligence, is pleased to welcome Daniel Walpole to its executive management team as the company’s Chief Data Officer (CDO).

“I first met Daniel five years ago, and knew instantly that he was someone I wanted to work with,” says Procon Analytics founder and CEO Brian Boling. “Daniel gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night thinking about creating value for customers. We are challenging him to find new and novel ways to transform data into intelligence businesses that can be used to make customers’ lives more convenient, secure and connected.”

Walpole previously served as Managing Partner for Verizon’s Internet of Things (IoT) Resale Business Group. Devoting hundreds of hours to learning from and building partnerships with industry leaders and innovators, Walpole ultimately built a $200 million business for the telecom giant.

As Procon Analytics’ CDO, Walpole will leverage the connections and experience he’s gained to not only expand Procon Analytics’ automotive IoT channel, but also drive sustainable and profitable growth in new vertical markets. Walpole is responsible for identifying new lines of business, revenue and collaborative partnerships across all IoT verticals by leveraging Procon Analytics’ IP, solutions, platforms and distribution.

“Daniel’s instincts for identifying and pouncing on opportunities are unrivaled, and his ability to solve business problems is unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” said Bill Cheney, Managing Partner of Procon Analytics. “He’s a tremendous asset to the team, and we plan to give him unfettered access to do what he does best.”

The challenge, according to Walpole, is in analyzing, refining and transforming the information into precise, controlled streams of business intelligence that lead to smarter decisions.

“Brian and Bill have long been my mentors in IoT telematics,” says Walpole. “They pioneered this space, and I’ve learned much from them over the years. Now I’m eager to help them expand Procon Analytics’ reach into a diverse range of vertical markets.”

“The Internet of Things has generated an enormous lake of business intelligence from countless connected devices, this opens up massive opportunities for companies across a broad spectrum of industries.” Walpole goes on to explain, “Procon Analytics is committed to helping businesses achieve disruptive growth through digital transformation that will benefit them and their customers in ways they’ve never imagined.”

As Procon Analytics strives to perfect the technology that connects consumers and the things that matter most in their lives, Walpole goes on to say, “Our goal is to give the power and control back to the people since it is, after all, their data. Procon Analytics wants to help them use it when and how they choose.”

About Procon Analytics

Procon Analytics, a global leader in automotive telematics, is dedicated to bringing better, more efficient and value-driven connected car features – along with next-generation channel management processes – to US automotive retailers. As implied by its name, Procon Analytics combines the new database architecture with advances in big data analytics to run a powerful engine that converts information gathered by IoT sensors into critical business intelligence for the global automotive industry. Procon Analytics currently operates in the US, Canada and Latin America, with a focus on creating big data solutions for the automotive industry.

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