Advantage GPS

Advantage GPS has a modern data analytics solution that provides vehicle finance professionals the intelligence and toolset to monitor and assess risks in real time. The Advantage interactive dashboard provides...

Announcing Advantage

The pioneers of automotive telematics have expanded its connected car portfolio and are now offering automotive lenders an advanced risk mitigation solution. Irvine, CA – February 16, 2018 — Procon...

Walpole Named CDO

Walpole seeks to drive Procon Analytics’ digital technology strategy forward with a focus on transforming data intelligence into broader connected customer solutions. Irvine, CA – August 30, 2017 — Procon...

Hogan, New ESD

Hogan joins the Procon Automotive team as the company continues to expand its pool of leadership talent with progressive automotive professionals who are driving the industry forward. Irvine, CA –...

David Meyer COO

Updated: December 6, 2017 Meyer brings nearly two decades of GPS and connected car sales and operations experience to team; along with over a decade of hands-on automotive retailing experience...

David Meyer

Meyer brings a methodical approach to Procon Analytics platform development and daily operations adding forward-thinking management processes and a holistic approach to customer lifecycle management.

Ken Vines

Ken Vines has been the Chief Financial Officer of a number of public and private companies, primarily in the technology industry.

Bill Cheney

The technology innovator behind Procon Analytics’ progressive new big data technology and catalysts for easy-to-use applications that help customers make faster, smarter and more profitable business decisions.